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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach children?I teach students from the age of 10 and up. For younger students who are developing an interest in guitar, I recommend parents contact me for a copy of my Complete Beginners Guide which can get your child started at his/her own pace prior to seeking formal tuition.

Are you DBS checked?
Yes, I hold a current DBS certification, and provide a safe and secure environment for learning.

When do you teach?
Classes are scheduled between 5pm-9pm weekdays.

For how long will I need to take lessons to become competent / achieve my goals?
This question really needs to be assessed on an individual basis, as all students learn at different rates, have different goals, etc. However, here are some loose estimates based on starting as a complete beginner:
Hobbyist level (achieve competence at rhythm techniques and learn a repertoire of 10 chord or riff based songs): 2-3 years
Semi-professional (performance) level: 4 to 5 years

It should also be noted that children tend to learn faster than mature students. Middle-aged and older students should expect to learn more slowly.

Can I buy lessons as a gift for my spouse / family member?
I do not offer “lessons” so much as programs of enrolment for learning. This is better for the student and saves you money and time wasted on sporadic and inefficient learning methods. With this in mind, I am perfectly happy to book your spouse in for an evaluation provided he/she is genuinely interested in learning the guitar.

Which styles of music do you teach?
I specialise in rock and metal styles, but I also teach blues, country, indie, folk and funk up to an advanced level, and therefore the repertoire I generally teach is drawn from these musical genres. I do not teach jazz or classical music except at a basic level.

Should I start on electric or acoustic guitar?
The difference between acoustic and electric is less than you might imagine. Most playing techniques are common to both instruments, and the choice to pursue one rather than the other is largely a matter of taste. If you are a complete beginner wondering which one to take up and you don’t have any particular preference, consider getting a cheap electric guitar. (At this stage, you don’t even really need an amplifier unless you’re looking to produce a distorted rock/metal sound.) The strings will be lighter and closer to the fretboard, making it easier to fret notes and chords while you build up the strength in your hands.

Can I take my music grades?
Yes, students may be entered for Rockschool or RGT graded exams in electric or acoustic guitar from beginner to advanced levels (standards set by the London College of Music). Both of these organisations offer exams covering grades 1-8, as well as performance-only exams, rock specialism exams, and post grade-8 diplomas. Just let me know when you enrol that you are interested in taking your grades, and you will receive appropriate direction and information throughout.

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